elevate your game


Jeff Olson, RLT

  • Professional athletics taught me about ownership, fear, and joy.
  • Coaching taught me about connection, influence, and character. 
  • Financial career taught me about money, meaning, and abundance. 
  • Tech career taught me about thinking different, breakthroughs, and being effective.
  • Our Agency teaches me people are fascinating, better together, and want to thrive. 
  • Partnering with people gifts me with patience & perspective, culture & contribution, success & fulfillment.

Stats: Professional athlete (10 years): Two-time Olympian, 3-time national champion, Pan American gold medalist.  Human performance expert (30 years),  co-founder Healthy Living Agency (18 years): in partnership with The Juice PLUS+ Company, co-founder of Altius Farms (3 years), investment management (5 years), technology industry (4 years),  consulting (3 years), 2-time TED speaker.

Follow Her: In the early 2000s, without a lot of money, time, or a business "idea"... My wife launched as an independent health agent. I followed her lead and we grew her side-hustle into our healthy living agency (owned and operated for 18 years).

My humbling: Resistance creates blind spots that can bite you.

My insight: Human performance, fear, food conditioning, network agency, Gig+ economy, my gut.

My joy found in effort: Partnering and mentoring GEN XYZ. Help independent affiliates, ambassadors, agents, and agency owners build enduring self-worth and income.   Strategic advisor and equity owner in startups across consumer goods, energy, health, and sports (see investments). 

Helping out: Presently, I serve on the council of directors for the True Health Initiative and chair the Heuga Center Endowment.

A river runs through me: Born and raised in Montana, with a brief stint in Vermont (GMVS) that changed my life, I live in Denver with my wife and three daughters.