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Thrive. Pioneer. Partner.

Jeff Olson, RLT

Dad on a mission

My professional athletic career taught me about: Ownership, fear is a tool, and a joy found in effort.  My financial career taught me about: Money, meaning, and abundance. My tech career taught me about: Thinking different, breakthroughs, and being effective. My healthy living agency career teaches me: People are fascinating, want to thrive, and we are better together. Mentoring/partnering with people gifts me with: Patience & perspective , culture & character, success & fulfillment.


Brave Healthy Enterprise: Seeking a better way?

Health. Work. Tribe.


Improve your game

by mastering the fundamentals daily.



Lead people to a better way by owning new modern means of production.



Connect with people who inspire you to belong, create, and pay it forward.


Future of Food


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thrive. pioneer. partner.